Mascara for sensitive eyes

Mascara for sensitive eyes – If you have sensitive eyes, applying eye makeup can be a bit of a nightmare. Dust, allergies, air conditioning and contact lenses can all cause sensitivity in the eyes and picking a mascara can become a real challenge.

It’s important to find a formula that contains the right kind of ingredients (avoid irritants like Isopropyl myristate and thickening agent HEC), and that are not fragranced. Hypoallergenic products are often best. Finding a formula that is not too stubborn to remove is also crucial with sensitive eyes, as having to scrub makeup off at the end of the day will only worsen the problem. You should also consider the type of brush you use – be it a plastic wand or a bristled brush, play around with different types to see what works best for you.

Application is important as well; for sensitive eyes, avoid applying the formula at the root of the lash. Instead, put it on slightly above the root and further away from the actual eye. We’ve picked out some of the best mascaras for sensitive eyes. Check them out here…

Do your eyes water at the very thought of a mascara wand? Whether you’re a contact lens wearer, suffer with allergies (hay fever is a friend to no one’s peepers) or just have super sensitive eyes then mascara can easily leave your eyes red and itchy. But luckily there are hypoallergenic mascaras out there for sensitive eyes, so you can get long, luscious lashes without the irritation.

What causes eyes to become sensitive and watery?

Sensitive, watery eyes are pretty common, and can be caused by allergens like dust, pollen or pets. If you’re a regular contact lens wearer, and spend all day in an air-conditioned office or staring at a computer screen (guilty), you’re also more likely to suffer from red, sore eyes – a situation which can in turn be exacerbated by the ingredients in your make-up.

What’s a hypoallergenic mascara?

Put simply, a hypoallergenic formula is one that doesn’t include ingredients that are common allergens and is free from fragrance, making it a safe bet for those with sensitive, watery eyes. Most hypoallergenic mascaras will be marked as such on the tube, or bear the label ‘suitable for sensitive eyes.’

Mascara for sensitive eyesIf you’re doing battle with watery, puffy eyes each day, waterproof mascara might seem like an obvious solution. But while a tear-proof formula might initially make for fewer panda-eye smudges, it won’t do you any favours in the long term. Waterproof mascaras are, of course, harder to remove, and scrubbing away with make-up remover can exacerbate the problem, leaving you with itchier, irritated eyes.

What’s the best type of mascara for sensitive eyes?

Steer clear of fibre mascaras – while these formulas might give you long, thick lashes, the fibres may drop into your eyes throughout the day and exacerbate the irritation. Your best bets are natural PH balanced formulas with soothing ingredients, which will care for lashes while lengthening and won’t flake or clump. It’s also worth looking out for ‘tubing’ mascara formulas, which form ‘tubes’ around the lashes.

It’s waterproof, but slides off the lashes easily, without any need for over-scrubbing (cutting down the risk of irritation). Look out for Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara (£36) and RMS Beauty’s Defining Mascara (£33).

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