About the Too Faced Clover Palette

About the Too Faced Clover Palette – Dedicated fans of Too Faced cofounder know that he has a few great loves in his life: his husband (and fellow brand cofounder) Jeremy, diamonds, everything pink, and his adorable dog, Clover. Recently, the pup has made guest appearances on Too Faced products, including a collaboration with Beautyblender and the upcoming Skinnydip accessories line, but now, he’ll be getting a starring role on his very own palette.

Too Faced Clover PaletteAccording to Blandino’s Instagram, a Clover eye shadow palette will be available from the brand in Summer 2017. We’ve only been granted a sneak peek of the packaging, but we’re already in love. The darling chihuahua has been immortalized in a sweet illustration along with a bunny, kitten, panda, and an anthropomorphic chocolate bar.

Based on Too Faced’s past launches, we know there could be a lot of fun tucked inside this compact. Maybe the pigments are embossed with animal faces, or they could be scented like a delicious treat. Regardless of what the brand has in store for its fans, we know we’ll be satisfied by the creative results! Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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